You Had Me at Red- Valentines

You Had Me at Red- Valentines

It’s safe to say that I am always VERY excited for Valentine’s, not because I’ve got an actual Valentine or anything, but because of pastels. Literally I can walk into Target and hear the Hallelujah choir sing. Lately I’ve been loving pairing my new Kate Spade Maise (shown in picture) with different pastels: pink, blue, lavender, etc. Although it looks slightly more orange, I promise it’s red. Trust me.

I honestly wear pastels year round, especially to class. If I’m going to be stuck in finance and accounting classes all day long, I’d prefer to do it in light pink.

Everyone here in Oklahoma keeps saying “Spring is around the corner” with that crazy squirrel look in their eyes, and they’re turning me into one of them. I can’t blame them though since the weather today was in the 70s. That is my other explanation for having all of these items on my early spring wish list (minus the ones I’ve already corralled).

Also y’all, I know  I gave this a cheesy name, but hey, it’s Valentines inspired.

Lastly, I would like to mention the Rustic Cuff bracelets because the lady who started the company is a fellow Tulsan and everyone around here is snatching them up- we’re talking lines.


Something New, Something Red

Well let me first say that my Nikon lens shutter is stuck and it is currently in the mail, so these are iPhone pictures. BUT I got this wonderful package in the mail today and HAD to post it on here ASAP because the bag is on sale.

So I guess this is a unboxing of sorts of the Kate Spade Maise in Cherry Liqueur. I’ve never had a red bag before, nor a Kate Spade handbag (I’m a MBMJ girl) but I was drawn to this one. I think this color will be great all year round!

Can’t wait to stuff it with trash, as usual.


Sunday Scarves

Hi friends! We’ve gotten a few days of wintery weather (including snow) and I pulled out a few of my favorite scarves to throw on.

Scarves are always something I buy and then hardly ever wear, especially when I have to wear my backpack across campus. So this winter I am trying to put all of them to good use, as should be. These are three of my favorites!

  1. American Eagle Blanket Scarf: I love this scarf because it is HUGE (imagined Trump saying that…). They unfortunately don’t have this pattern anymore, but they do have a similar one in a lovely burgundy mix of colors. Is definitely a must have for college because it can literally be removed and used as a blanket.
  2. Ralph Lauren Muffler Scarf: This scarf is pink and warm- what else is there to say?? The shape is very basic and is easy to just sling around your neck. Also on sale currently in a darling bright yellow!
  3. J Crew Factory Knit Infinity Scarf: J Crew Factory has some affordable and nice quality scarves. These infinity ones require absolutely no second thought on styling them. Offered in SEVEN colors and is on sale for $19! Go grab it. 😉

Also, my gold mirror is from Marshalls and my cute little sister made me the “M.”


Goodwill Find

The Goodwill is a magical place. From placemats to fanny packs, you can always find an interesting piece or a hidden gem. Armed with patience  and money (and in my case also allergy medicine), hitting up the Goodwill is fun and financially sound. In the Tulsa area they offer 25% off everything on every last Friday of the month. That day being yesterday, my sister and I thought it would be a great idea to browse through one of our local stores. Hence this post on the goodies I personally scored.

The first items that caught my eye were these brand new DKNY jeans (normally $68) and this beautifully pink button up from Old Navy. For a while now I’ve had my eye on the Chanel Espadrilles (yeah right) and when I saw these never worn, similar espadrilles from Steve Madden (Ceciile style) I thought for $6.75 a girl can’t go wrong.
thumb_DSC_0571_1024 thumb_DSC_0568_1024

thumb_DSC_0572_1024 thumb_DSC_0573_1024

So, funny story. As we were checking out I happened to take one last glance through a display case and a little golden bar caught my eye. YES, I found a Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Lil Ukita at the Goodwill for $27. I have a little Marc by Marc Jacobs collection going on, as he designs some of my favorite handbags, and I could not leave this little baby at the Goodwill. The bag is in overall good shape, just the smaller handle has more wear. I thought about trying to send it to handbag rehab, but now I think I like the little touches of extra character. What do y’all think?

thumb_DSC_0575_1024 thumb_DSC_0576_1024 thumb_DSC_0577_1024 thumb_DSC_0578_1024

In the very first picture you can also see that I got just two books this trip: “Casual Vacancy” (J.K. Rowling) and “Faithful Place” (Tana French). SIDENOTE: Highly recommend this series by Tana French. Thrift stores are my go to place for new reading material besides my library. It’s safe to say I’m a bookaholic, which isn’t so good for my bookshelf space. Also, my sister is going to be a first year teacher this fall (wish her good luck!) and she got some great steals on necessities for her class room! You seriously can’t beat the Goodwill.