High End Makeup Haul

Being a Tulsan, Miss Jackson’s was basically a landmark. Sadly, after 105 years of business they closed their doors at the beginning of 2016. Double edged sword because I got all of these Nars products (minus Rosecliff) for 60% off. Yes, it was a Christmas miracle. The other items I mainly received for Christmas and I’ve been meaning to post this for about a month now (oops). Hence the scruffy packaging- these guys have been tossed around in my bathroom. Also just realized I forgot to include the Marc Jacobs Understudy lipstick and Nars Striptease lipgloss, as they are somewhere in the pit called my handbag…




^^ Swatches of Nars Liberte, Nars Albatross, and Hourglass Dim Light (goldeny peach)


^^ Swatches of Nars Grand Palais (first two) and Nars Jolie Poupee (last two); The bronze color in Grand Palais looks amazing on brown eyes!

^^ This YSL mascara is now one of my absolute favorites. I was scared to try it because I knew I would love it and it’s $32. Going to try and find dupes for sure!

^^ Lancome Le Violet is perhaps the brightest lipstick I own and I adore it. This would look wonderful on darker skin tones, but I can just balance it out with a nude blush and some eyeliner.

^^ Swatches of Syrah, Rose des Cygnes, Le Violet, and Rosecliff; Snap of me wearing YSL Babydoll mascara with Rose des Cygnes on lips.

Out of all of these I highly recommend the Grand Palais eyeshadow and the Le Violet lipstick, especially if you have a similar complexion to me!



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