You Had Me at Red- Valentines

You Had Me at Red- Valentines

It’s safe to say that I am always VERY excited for Valentine’s, not because I’ve got an actual Valentine or anything, but because of pastels. Literally I can walk into Target and hear the Hallelujah choir sing. Lately I’ve been loving pairing my new Kate Spade Maise (shown in picture) with different pastels: pink, blue, lavender, etc. Although it looks slightly more orange, I promise it’s red. Trust me.

I honestly wear pastels year round, especially to class. If I’m going to be stuck in finance and accounting classes all day long, I’d prefer to do it in light pink.

Everyone here in Oklahoma keeps saying “Spring is around the corner” with that crazy squirrel look in their eyes, and they’re turning me into one of them. I can’t blame them though since the weather today was in the 70s. That is my other explanation for having all of these items on my early spring wish list (minus the ones I’ve already corralled).

Also y’all, I know  I gave this a cheesy name, but hey, it’s Valentines inspired.

Lastly, I would like to mention the Rustic Cuff bracelets because the lady who started the company is a fellow Tulsan and everyone around here is snatching them up- we’re talking lines.



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