Something New, Something Red

Well let me first say that my Nikon lens shutter is stuck and it is currently in the mail, so these are iPhone pictures. BUT I got this wonderful package in the mail today and HAD to post it on here ASAP because the bag is on sale.

So I guess this is a unboxing of sorts of the Kate Spade Maise in Cherry Liqueur. I’ve never had a red bag before, nor a Kate Spade handbag (I’m a MBMJ girl) but I was drawn to this one. I think this color will be great all year round!

Can’t wait to stuff it with trash, as usual.



4 thoughts on “Something New, Something Red

  1. I absolutely love that bag πŸ™‚ I was lucky enough to receive the Cameron Street Maise in Cherry Liqueur (the red plaid version)- it’s the perfect size, is eye-catching and elegant, and well-made! I’ve never regretted anything from Kate Spade πŸ™‚ Cheers!


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