Sunday Scarves

Hi friends! We’ve gotten a few days of wintery weather (including snow) and I pulled out a few of my favorite scarves to throw on.

Scarves are always something I buy and then hardly ever wear, especially when I have to wear my backpack across campus. So this winter I am trying to put all of them to good use, as should be. These are three of my favorites!

  1. American Eagle Blanket Scarf: I love this scarf because it is HUGE (imagined Trump saying that…). They unfortunately don’t have this pattern anymore, but they do have a similar one in a lovely burgundy mix of colors. Is definitely a must have for college because it can literally be removed and used as a blanket.
  2. Ralph Lauren Muffler Scarf: This scarf is pink and warm- what else is there to say?? The shape is very basic and is easy to just sling around your neck. Also on sale currently in a darling bright yellow!
  3. J Crew Factory Knit Infinity Scarf: J Crew Factory has some affordable and nice quality scarves. These infinity ones require absolutely no second thought on styling them. Offered in SEVEN colors and is on sale for $19! Go grab it. 😉

Also, my gold mirror is from Marshalls and my cute little sister made me the “M.”



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