Coconuts for Beauty

It’s safe to say I love coconuts, everything about them. Only in the past year have I really dived into their amazing benefits for beauty. These products mentioned below are some of my personal favorites when it comes to coconuts. Not all of them are 100% natural or anything, so keep that in mind. Since I am new to this area, natural coconut products are next!

I tend to have dry, frizzy, wavy hair, and these hair products with coconut do wonders at taming. If you get only one thing out of reading this let it be that this DSC_0586Marc Anthony coconut hair oil with biotin is FABULOUS. It’s about $6-$8 so when I first tried it I wasn’t expecting much, but wow. Just wow. It makes my hair smooth, shiny (not oily), eliminates frizz, adds the extra biotin, and smells soooo good. Go buy it.

Marc Anthony has a whole range of coconut hair products, but I haven’t sampled the shampoo/conditioner because I have been stuck on the Coconut Milk one from OGX. Love this too, not as much as the oil, but it is still very moisturizing and a great drugstore price.

Also shown are the Coconut Monoi Oil hair mask from Hask and the Coconut Hibiscus Curl Mousse from Shea Moisture. I haven’t owned this mask too long, but, once again, my hair tends to be dry and I need the moisture from it. If you have wavy, frizzy hair like I do, I also recommend this mousse. It is lightweight, so it won’t drag your hair down and look limp, and it’s free of sulfates.

I only have a few “skincare” items with coconuts, mostly from the Yes to Coconuts line from Target. The lip products in this line are fantastic, especially the oil. It goes on smooth and gives a clear gloss look, while being moisturizing. The wipes DSC_0588from the same line are good for hot days outside or even just refreshing after a workout, but I don’t like them for makeup removal (reason I purchased them). I also threw in the Coconut Fig lotion from C. Booth even though it only contains a small amount of coconut oil because it’s a nice option for all seasons: not too heavy, absorbs fast, lasts for hours.

Even though I love all of these and will continuously repurchase, y’all don’t forget plain coconut oil from the grocery store. Maybe I’ll do a separate post soon about the uses for just that!



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